wander-dust“C. Patt creates a unique and fascinating, fantasy world in Reign Drops. Each scene is so visual and engaging, I found myself flipping pages and racing to the end.”

-Michelle Warren, Author of the Wander Dust Series.

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“Do you dream of dragons? Do you want to? C. Patt’s debut Reign Drops blends Mayan legend with dragon lore for an exciting battle between will and destiny. I can’t wait to find out what Dalia does next – and whether she’s able to train her dragon.”

-LK Rigel Author of Wild Things
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30cf8790-a19d-4649-a1d2-96071afe005cimg400“Reign Drops is a unique melding of fantasy and alternative history. The world building is beautifully done and the characters are intriguing.”

-Hadena James author of Amazon bestselling Dreams & Reality novels

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510bohrpryl-_sy346_“This author took some very basic ideas from the fantasy/paranormal genre and shaped them into something fresh. Very cool, and not very common for an indie author in this genre.”

-Myndi Shafer, Author of the Shrilugh Series

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lynlee-bundle-trans“As a lover of Mesoamerican culture, I found the Mayan aspects of the story intriguing and refreshing. C. Patt did a remarkable job inter-spicing native lore with the modern tale. I’m looking forward to more in the Bloodborne Series.”

-Olivia Hardin, USA Today Bestselling Author

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