I have a some stories running over at Wattpad.
I post updates every Friday.

We will start posting the free stories in here.
Coming soon, it will be the Space Opera… One and Done.
It was my first book. I will rewrite each chapter as they post.

One and Done is a A Superhero Cosplay Scif-fi Lovestory… (Isn’t that enough?)

This one is STILL live on Wattpad if you care to read it.

Frisky Business
Tanhet takes no shit, well she took no shit. Heart crushed by her last job, she foolishly fell for the vampire who hired her, leaving her questioning everything. Her mother, an Egyptian Goddess, and her twin sister Shu, have opposite views of how their lives should be lived. Currently Tanhaet is passing time among the humans, moving through the Neither -Either, as she travels from world to world. It has been tasked to Shu to bring her home, and with only eight lives left Tanhet has to convince her it is worth it to stay.

This is my love letter to myself. I fill in the blanks when I have writer’s block. There will be many short stories for her, we shall see if she gets books. She has a lot to say.