About – C Patt

C Patt is me, Chris Patterson. I live in Austin, Texas. It is a large metropolis with has (at last count) seven Chris Patterson’s but only one ME. I took on the pen name for several reasons. I write my urban/magical realism books under Chris Patt, and my Sci-Fi and Mystery books under C.Patt. There are also rumors that a lady named Chrissy  will be writing some children’s books with her niece Naliani over the summer.

I have been running a small business in town for the last thirty years, and in my “spare time” I write. I must admit I am hoping to find more spare time, which is why it takes me just a little longer than some of my peers to finish a series. But I have a plan, it is so crazy that I already have the next ten books plotted out as well as two additional worlds I am plotting and planning with others. And if I just stay the course I will take over the world sometime right before it finally blows up, in theory at least.

I started writing Science fiction many years ago on my tiny “sidekick” keyboard in between jobsites. That book is still hiding under my bed, but someday I hope to dust it off enough to share it with everyone. It takes a lot of courage (or questionable sanity) to put your works out there. Reign Drops was my third book and on a double dare I hit publish. I want to say it gets easier with each one, but I would be lying completely. The better you get the harder you want the next one to be ten times better. And don’t’ even get me started on not taking things down and rewriting them.